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Cannabis Gummies to Microdose THC

You might have thought that getting the right dose of certain cannabinoids for a desired effect was challenging, until SOCIETY’s Plant came out with these new cannabinoid combo gummies to help you to easily microdose THC.  It is advised to explore new combinations of cannabinoids to ensure your dose is fitting for the outcome you have in mind.  Each SOCIETY’s Plant gummy was created with a particular purpose in mind. If you are questioning which gummy would suit you best, then don’t fret, we will guide you in the right direction with a little more information about each gummy’s purpose. 

SOCIETY’s Cannabis Gummies - Offers Access to a Variety of Cannabinoids

We ship legal cannabis gummies to all 50 states. The variety of cannabinoids that we offer are: Delta 8 gummies, Delta 10 gummies, Delta 9 gummies, HHC gummies, CBD gummies for stress, CBG + CBD gummies for focus, CBN + CBD gummies for sleep and THCV weightloss gummies. We have a chart here to indicate the THC dose of all the gummies we offer and also include the dose of other cannabinoids and the most common effects of those cannabinoids.  Don’t fret if this seems overwhelming. WE will explore the newest of our cannabis gummies in more detail, so that you can get closer to making the best choice as to which cannabis gummies are right for you. 

Comparison of SOCIETY’s Plant Offering of Cannabis Gummies

Product Name

THC Dose

Other Cannabinoid

Dose of Other Cannabinoid

Level of Psychoactive


F%CKING Miracle THCV Weight Loss Gummies





The most energizing cannabinoid, also known to be an appetite suppressant. 

Good Day CBG Gummies

1mg THC Microdose




Uplifting & Focus is great for daytime. Considered a mini- Microdose gummy.

GOOD Night

CBN Gummies

1mg THC Microdose




Wind down in bed as you relax your mind for a deep sleep.

Passion CBD Gummies for Sex

1.5mg THC






Calming for the mind and body. Helps you to get out of your head and follow your passion.

High Energy Microdose Gummies

5 D9 THC Microdose 






Fun, energizing - medium dosed microdose gummies. Start with half if you haven’t had 5mg THC before. 

D9 THC Adult Gummy

12mg D9 THC




Fun elevated high, but CBD stops the anxiety from the THC dose.

HHC Gummies

25mg HHC


Clear headed, light sativa like high experience. 

HHC +THC Adult Gummy

10mg D9 THC



Medium-more high

HHC gives a sativa energy and the THC is a decent dose, so be aware of dosing prior to consumption. 

King’s Gold-X D10 THC Gummies

Delta 10 THC



Creativity unleashed. Very focused and creative high feeling, touted by many with ADHD. 

R&R D8 THC Gummies

Delta 8 THC



Very chill and relaxing high feeling, why it’s known as the R&R D8 gummies. Comparable to an indica gummy.

New THC Microdose Gummies Added to SOCIETY’s Legal Cannabis Gummies to Buy Online 

CBG Gummies  - The Best CBD Gummies for Focus

“Good Day” CBG gummies have 20mg of CBG and 40mg of full spectrum CBD. These were crafted from hemp to be the perfect cannabis gummy for daytime consumption. The CBG cannabinoid is uplifting and known to help with focus. This has a very low dose of 1mg THC per gummy.  The THC is naturally occurring from the full spectrum CBD used to make the gummy. There is no additional Delta 9 THC added to this gummy.  

The Good Day CBG Gummies are a great microdose gummy to take when you need to slow the racing thoughts in your brain and focus with the mental clarity needed to have a really good day! 

CBN Gummies for Sleep

“Good Night” CBN gummies for sleep are the 2nd sleep gummies that we offer, but this gummy has ONLY the cannabinoids: CBN & CBD in it.  These are crafted with 20mg of CBN for sleep and 40mg of full spectrum CBD to help your body to relax and rest.  

We could be biased but these might just be the perfect natural CBD gummies for sleep. 

High Energy Microdose Gummies

High Energy THC Microdose Gummies are made with a combination of cannabinoids that make these cannabis gummies both fun and energizing!  Crafted with hemp-derived cannabinoids, these cannabis gummies are made with a delightful ratio of a 4:1:1 blend of CBG:THC:THCV. These gummies have 20mg of CBG (the cannabinoid that’s great for mood uplifting and focus), with 5mg of Delta 9 THC and 5mg of the energizing cannabinoid, THCV.  This high energy combo of cannabinoids makes for both a FUN and HIGH energy day!  

These High Energy THC Microdose Gummies include 3 of our favorite cannabinoids, blended together into one delicious, blood orange gummy to help you to have: focus, energy, fun, good vibes, mindset shift and more positive effects. 

The High Energy Microdose gummy is the ultimate cannabinoid energizing trifecta. You might have thought that there is not an edible out there that you feel energized from, but this might change your view. 

For some people, 5mg Delta 9 THC is a microdose, while for other people it might be a substantial dose.  If you are unsure of what size of THC microdose that you have had before, then we recommend that you start with half of this gummy. 

Enjoy triple the benefits because these Microdose Gummies are infused with three cannabinoids to bring the trifecta of high-energy plant medicine: CBG, Delta 9 THC, and THCV.

THCV Weight Loss Gummies are a Fucking Miracle

Before you freak out about the name of this cannabis gummy, let me (Bianca Snyder, aka High Society Mama) tell you a story…

The story of a fucking miracle…

It was late 1990’s-something and I was snowboarding on the US Junior World Team as one of the 3 USA team members for the Junior World Snowboard Championship. I also competed professionally, so my mom and I traveled to Europe at least once or twice a year. One trip we fell in love with Vodka Red Bull and wanted to have it at home, in Utah. Shortly after, I met the action sports manager for Red Bull North America and traveled to the Red Bull OG office on Santa Monica Boulevard. We then had a line to direct ship Red Bull to the only place that offered it in Utah, my house. 

My mom and her friends were getting ready to go out one evening and one of them didn’t feel like she had the energy or motivation to go out. I poured her a vodka Red Bull, and shortly after she jumped into action and yelled, “It’s a Fucking Miracle, let’s go.” From that point on vodka Red Bull drinks were known as a “Fucking Miracle”. 

We hosted parties at our house for my mom’s adult friends and I would help serve drinks, and  most notably serve the “Fucking Miracle” cocktail. Eventually the popular drink spread through the small ski town and by the time the bars finally got distribution of Red Bull, all of Park City knew to order a” Fucking Miracle” at the bar to have that one cocktail that gave you wings. 

How High Society Mama Named these THCV Gummies…

When I was thinking through names for the THCV gummies, I was trying to come up with a name that would fully encompass all the wonderful benefits of THCV Gummies.  I had an “aha” moment as I thought back about the Vodka Red Bull story.  Prior to being the owner and CEO of SOCIETY, I came from a long career in the Wine and Spirits Industry, and am very grateful to now be advocating for moms to drink less wine, while normalizing weed for moms. This name feels like a tip of my hat to my upbringing and also the perfect way to explain the benefits of the THCV gummies. 

Benefits of THCV Weightloss Gummies

The most touted benefit of THCV gummies is that it has appetite suppressant qualities, which can be helpful for weight loss.  While most cannabis gummies give you the munchies, it is no surprise that a Fucking Miracle gummy would be the one that is an appetite suppressant!   THCV is also the most energizing out of the known cannabinoids, while also being negligible on the psychoactive scale.  This means that taking this cannabis gummy, you can potentially increase energy, suppress appetite and not even get high…this sounds like a fucking miracle! 

And so the Fucking Miracle THCV Gummies were born and we loaded them up with 20mg of THCV and no other cannabinoids. THCv, or Tetrahydrocannabivarin, which is the long/scientific name, is known for its potential to support weight loss efforts by boosting energy, improving metabolism, and suppressing appetite. This is a great gummy to stack with other SOCIETY’s Plant alternative cannabinoid gummies, as well.  We recommend pairing with the Good Day CBG Gummy!

Deciding which legal cannabis gummies I should buy? 

Without overwhelming you with scientific information about these cannabinoids, we suggest that you utilize the information above to tailor the perfect dose of gummies that is right for you. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions you might have and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction.  We are always open to suggestions for any products or cannabinoids combinations that you would like to see from us, as well.  What new cannabinoid gummies will you try out today?  

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