Sacred Plant Medicine by Yva Neal

To consume cannabis consciously means to appreciate the plant in all of its life stages & each part as it presents to us. It causes us to pause, to admire all of its pieces, from the roots, the stem, the nodes, flowers, and those beautiful fan leaves that spread wide calling for our attention. ⁠

There is no wonder why the pot leaf is the most recognized leaf in the world! This plant transcends itself & knows no limits until it prevails over the societal stigma unfairly acquired. We feel just being in the energetic presence of this plant can bring healing & create normalization.⁠ ⁠

Yva Neal from @Yvanealdesign is the artist behind our new art offerings available in the Society's Plant shop. Yva collects these amazing fan leaves at the peak of growth & with great intention preserves the energy of them before gilding them in gold & placing them either in resin or on a bed of moss to be showcased in your home, office, or studio.

As an artist, I like to educate the viewers about lessons I have learned from Nature, or share Observations I have had thru interaction. Yva Neal Design creates unique art for each client based on their brand with my personal viewpoint. My new Series SACRED PLANT MEDICINE explores elevating plants to their Divine Nature. A true "Field to Wall" Artisanal Art experience. Hand harvested Hemp leaves go thru a 20-step preservation process ending with the gilded gold leaves encased in resin. -Yva Neal

Celebrating the healing symbiosis of plants and humans, this series elevates Nature through the contemplation of ancient symbolism & medicinal use.

CANNABIS has been a key component in the rituals and ceremonies of religions spanning the globe for several thousand years. Its spiritual characteristics have been recognized by societies ranging from ancient Chinese Taoists to modern-day Rastafarians. With human body has 13 cannabinoid receptors in the brain making it have a wide range of medicinal uses such as relief from chronic pain, increased lung capacity, help with weight loss, regulates diabetes. fights cancers, helps depression, managing mood in autism, regulates seizures, helps with ADHD, mends bones, inflammation and helps with PTSD symptoms.

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