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Pros & Cons of Pre-Ground Hemp Flower: Is Ground-Up Weed Just as Good? 

The debate surrounding pre-ground flower has sparked discussions among cannabis enthusiasts regarding their quality, freshness, and potency. The pre-ground flower we use, refers to CBD or CBG hemp flower that has been professionally ground, eliminating the need for manual grinding before consumption. Some argue that pre-ground flower compromises the overall experience, while others find it to be a convenient and time-saving option. This article explores the pros and cons of pre-ground CBD flower, debunking common myths and shedding light on their advantages and limitations. Whether you're a cannabis connoisseur or a casual consumer, understanding the pros and cons can help you make an informed decision about your purchasing preference.

What is Pre-Ground CBD Flower? 

Pre-ground cannabis flower is exactly what it sounds like, you are purchasing the hemp flower that has been perfectly ground for you in industrial cannabis grinders with stems removed, so you can enjoy the perfect smoke. You get to skip the tedious act of grinding with a handheld grinder and jump right into your sesh.  This is especially convenient if you like to mix your cannabinoids together. Creating your own 1:1 blend using THC-heavy weed along with Ready to Roll CBD Flower, makes it an easy process to combine together. 

Myths of Pre-Ground Cannabis Flower 

Myth #1 Cannabis Nugs are Superior to Pre-Ground Flower

The top myth we hear is that - "pre-ground flower is just shake”. This myth refers to the perception that pre-ground cannabis flower is of lower quality compared to whole buds. This myth highlights the common strategy that many companies use when cannabis is ground up, it often consists of leftover trimmings, smaller buds, and even shake, which is less desirable compared to intact, premium buds. Side note: THIS IS NOT WHAT WE DO HERE AT SOCIETY’s Plant! 

Many cannabis enthusiasts argue that grinding the flower too early compromises its freshness, potency, and overall experience. They prefer purchasing whole buds and grinding them just before use, ensuring the highest quality and preserving the full spectrum of flavors and effects. While we can’t argue with the joy of breaking up a beautiful cannabis nug, we can assure you that SOCIETY’s Plant Ready-to-Roll DOES NOT just add left-over, second-tier product and trim! We do grind smaller buds in addition to large nugs, but you won’t receive stems or debris left over from trimming. 

Myth #2 Hemp Flower Potency of CBG & CBD

The next myth to dispel is the statement: "Pre-ground cannabis flower loses potency".  This reflects the common belief among cannabis users that when the flower is pre-ground and exposed to air for an extended period, its potency can diminish. This notion is rooted in the fact that the active compounds in cannabis, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, are sensitive to oxygen, light, and heat. Our solution to this is our method of grinding and storing, in which we grind, sift and IMMEDIATELY store the pre-ground flower in a temperature-controlled environment, in a light-proof container, with a tight seal, and a Boveda Terpene Shield freshness pack included in each jar.  This Boveda Terpene Shield doubles as a perfect scooping device to scoop the flower out of the tin!

While some cannabis connoisseurs prefer to grind their cannabis just before consumption, ensuring maximum potency, this comes with extra time and effort that not everyone is willing or capable of, making SOCIETY’s Plant Ready-to-Roll CBD a desirable and convenient alternative for those that simply want to roll and toke within moments. 

The Pros of Pre-Ground CBD Flower 

We might be a bit biased, but we believe that Ready to Roll Flower is the best way that consumers can purchase hemp flower. The following reasons are WHY we love to smoke SOCIETY’s Plant Ready to Roll Flower.  

Pre-Ground Hemp Flower is Convenient

For individuals who prefer not to spend time or effort grinding the buds themselves, pre-ground options provide a ready-to-roll solution. This convenience is particularly beneficial for those who are always on the go, such as for our cannamom community, or those with limited mobility such as those consuming cannabis for medical purposes like arthritis. 

Ready to Roll Hemp Flower is Quick & Easy

Pre-ground cannabis, such as SOCIETY’s Plant Ready to Roll, allows for ease and efficiency when rolling joints, packing bowls, or using dry herb vaporizers. It eliminates the need for a grinder and reduces the time required for preparation, making it EASY like Sunday morning. While some may argue that pre-ground flower may sacrifice potency or freshness, the convenience it provides has the potential to outweigh that factor.  Plus, SOCIETY’s Plant’s method of packaging minimizes the additional light and oxygen exposure, delivering a fresh smelling smokable flower that is READY to go.

Ready to Roll Requires Fewer Tools 

While many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy the variety of accessories on the market to consume cannabis, some others want to take a more simplistic route. SOCIETY’s Plant pre-ground CBD flower, or “Ready to Roll”, doesn’t require much, just a way to toke.  This smoking device can be a pipe like our “No-Break Honeycomb Pipe”, a bong (we recommend checking out The Glass Warehouse for an excellent glass bong and pipe selection), and/or rolling papers. When your flower is perfectly ground for you, you can skip straight to the good part, lighting up and receiving the quick benefits of a rainbow of cannabinoids. If you’re still on Team Grind check out the SOCIETY’s Plant single bowl grinder!

Smoking Pre-Ground Hemp Flower Improves Accessibility 

Providing access to medical cannabis should always be a priority and for us, at SOCIETY’s Plant, we want to make it easy for those with disabilities. While smoking weed brings joy and laughter to lots of people, many consumers are medical cannabis patients with mental and physical disabilities that limit their ability to easily use a cannabis grinder, and an option like Ready-to-Roll relieves that daily hardship. Ready to Roll is a great option for those with disabilities such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and seizure disorders. 

Cost-Effectiveness: Stretch your THC Flower with CBD or CBG

THC consumers have been recognizing the benefits of consuming higher CBD flower along with their THC-dominant flower for the last few years. This method not only brings more health benefits through the entourage effect of adding more cannabinoids to your consumption but can also be used to incorporate less expensive CBD flower options with your more potent THC strains that are generally much higher priced. 

Reduce Anxiety with CBD Flower

Some people that consume THC flower, find that their anxiety and paranoia are heightened when they consume straight marijuana, which is much higher in THC potency.  SOCIETY’s Plant Ready to Roll Flower is a great product to smoke to reduce anxiety.  When CBD flower is blended with marijuana flower, it cuts the THC potency, offering a smooth high that lessens the chance of anxiety and paranoia setting in.  SOCIETY’s Plant 1:1 DELTA-9 D9 THC + CBD is an edible example of this 1:1 THC: CBD blend. 

Pre-Ground CBD Strains You’ll Love! 

SOCIETY’s Plant inventory of pre-ground hemp flower includes CBD hemp flower, CBG hemp flower, and Delta 8 hemp flower. The availability of strains is continuously growing, so check out our article on Choosing the Right READY TO ROLL Strain, to help you decide which strain is right for you! For a straight CBD anxiety-reducing or calming experience, we recommend our Ready to Roll Smokable CBD hemp flower. For a more elevated HIGH and also relaxing experience, check out the Ready to Roll Delta 8 flower

Cons: Why Nugs are better than Pre-Ground Flower?

You LOVE to grind your own cannabis bud.

Congratulations you’re a cannabis connoisseur and we have plenty of those shopping at SOCIETY’s Plant with the CBD flower we sell in beautiful nugs by the ounce. We craft products that are 100% naturally cultivated and sun grown. We use only organic fertilizers and a lot of hands-on love, to produce an aromatic, small-batch hemp flower rich in CBD goodness and perfect for smoking.

Lock in the BEST Terpene and Cannabinoid Ratios

When you unscrew the top of a SOCIETY’s Plant Ready-to-Roll container, the terpene aroma of our CBD flower will billow out immediately bringing on the good vibes. Yes, you can stick to nugs, but our method of grinding and quickly storing the pre-ground flower in an air-tight container lessens the degree of loss in terpenes and cannabinoids.  While it may not be perfect, it really does increase the integrity of the flower. 

Is Pre-Ground Flower right for you? 

There you have it! We’ve highlighted the pros and cons of smoking pre-ground flower and dispelled the myths around pre-ground cannabis flower. If you’ve decided that the pros; convenience, no need for extra tools, and the ability to easily mix & match THC & CBD outweigh the POTENTIAL drawbacks to pre-ground cannabis then it is time to move on to discover which strains are right for you. In the article: “Best Strains of Ready to Roll”, we dig into the strains offered by SOCIETY’s Plant, to help you find the perfect strain for your smoking pleasure. 

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