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12 Days of Self Care-mas: The Ultimate Guide to Self Care with Cannabis

Welcome to my HOT MESS era…where I’m practicing putting the HOT in hotmess by PRIORITIZING ME (for once).  As you probably know, oh too well, time is our most prized, finite resource, and so something has to give in order to make space to prioritize self care.  But, when you reach that wall of exhaustion from burning the candle at both ends, that's when we KNOW that self care is not only smart, but also necessary. 

We see you, juggling a zillion things at once, doing the superhero shuffle through the chaos of mom life. But here's the thing – it's time for a pause, a moment of 'you' time amidst the madness. Welcome to the "12 Days of Self Care-mas: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care with Cannabis," specially crafted for the queen of multitasking – you!

High Society Mama talks Mom Burn Out

This is High Society Mama, (aka Bianca to many) and I am the owner/CEO/Mom Boss of SOCIETY’s Plant.  I, so very much, wish that I was the picture perfect example of self care, but honestly, I’m not.  However, this is an excellent opportunity for me to join you on this journey, so we can dive into the realm of indulging in some much needed “me time” together!

Prioritizing Self Care for Moms 

We get it; life can be a whirlwind of juice spills, Lego landmines, and "Mom, where's my other glove?" moments. And when the world feels like a never-ending circus, self-care tends to take a backseat. But fear not, because we've concocted a plan to sprinkle a little magic into your everyday mayhem.  

Picture this – 12 days dedicated to SELF CARE for you, where chaos takes a coffee break, and tranquility becomes your sidekick. We're diving headfirst into the world of self-care, armed with a secret weapon: CANNABIS. So, kick off those superhero boots (or let's be real, those worn-out shoes, because only our kids get new shoes these days), and join us on this journey to rediscover your sanity in the most blissful way possible.

Every Hot Mess Weed Mom Deserves Time for Self Care

Let's face it – you deserve a standing ovation for every meal you've made (or burnt if you’re anything like me) and every bedtime story you've creatively narrated. So, CannaMom, it's time to swap the chaos for calm...

Buckle up, because the next 12 days are about to become a hot mess mom's paradise – a sanctuary where "Mommy, can you…" is replaced with “it’s Mommy’s ME time”!  So, grab a cup of lukewarm coffee, find a cozy corner (or closet, we won't judge), and let the 12 Days of Self Care-mas begin! 

12 Days of Craft CBD Products for Self Care

Each day this blog will be updated with a new insight into how we can take on prioritizing self care in our life. In the whirlwind of motherhood, it's easy to forget the superhero within. But these next 12 days are a way to celebrate you – the hot mess mom who manages to turn chaos into a masterpiece, one spilled juice at a time.

Cannabis for self care is a journey, not a destination…

Remember, self-care isn't a luxury; it's a necessity, a lifeline that keeps you going when the world demands you to keep showing up. And cannabis? Well, it's the sidekick you didn't know you needed – a gentle nudge toward tranquility, a subtle reminder that you deserve every bit of the serenity of these 12 days.

But here's the magic – the end of our 12-day journey doesn't mark the conclusion of self-care. It's a catalyst that ignites the ongoing flame of well-being in your daily life. So, know that this journey is yours to continue.  By signing up for the SELF CARE-mas email list, below; you're also becoming part of our SOCIETY's Plant VIP community, and we will continue to support you with the best offerings and information on craft cannabis products to elevate this self care journey into 2024 and beyond. 

Spread the CBD love, share your newfound wisdom with fellow moms, and let the ripple effect of tranquility flow through your circles. Because, Mama, you're not just a hot mess; you're a beacon of light in your home, living in a world that sometimes forgets that we need to hit pause.

Day ? of Self Care: Prioritize ME 

Prioritize the ME in MErry and hot ME(ss). 

I’m in my HOT ME(ss) era…where I buy my own damn gifts, and take the gummies that help the:“fun - less stressed - not so fu king tired”…version of ME, come back to PLAY. 

SOCIETY’s Plant makes cannabis gummies for almost every occasion, to ensure the ME in MErry, is taken care of. That, my friend, is the self care I’m hitting up today!  

If you EVER see me looking like a hot mess… 

Please know that: 

  • my bills are paid
  • my child is cared for
  • I safely consume cannabis & 
  • don’t give fuck what you think about me. 

I’m in my HOT ME(ss) era…

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here holding on by a thread, while I make everything magical & shit. Want to know how I’m so fucking MErry? It’s cannabis gummies. I took High Energy Microdose Gummies and the ME in MErry came rushing back. I’m in my HOT ME(ss) era.   Not giving a Fu…aa lalalala

Day ? of Self Care: Spend Time with Girlfriends - Smoking Weed

Time with my girlfriends always acts as a refresh and reminder of the fun-good times, tears, heart ache, laughter and soooo much more because there is history of what we have been through in life TOGETHER. These are the ladies that will stand by my side through the good times, but most importantly the bad times.  I value this time and PRIORITIZE it because I know what it does for me!

Day ? of Self Care: Parenting during the holidays LITERALLY takes a JOINT effort

If anyone is shopping for me this holiday season, I am a size…

  1. Saturday Night babysitter, date night is NEEDED!
  2. 1 oz of Kush-mas Flower
  3. Pay off my credit cards ASAP
  4. All the joints to get this ANXIETY to fucking CHILL
  5. Qveen Retreat with girlfriends

I think that one sublime song was secretly a Christmas song. You know the one I’m talking about… “smoke 2 joints in the morning. I smoke 2 joints at night…it makes me feel alright.” 

Which Xmas gift do you want? I can’t decide!!! 

But, I know what I am definitely looking forward to and that is the Qveen Retreat to Denver in January. That would be HIGH AF on my list because parenting takes a joint effort and getting that self care-ME TIME means taking time to rejuvenate by surrounding myself with girlfriends!!!!  If you are interested, please click here to learn more, or send me a DM or email if you have any questions. 

And about the JOINT effort that parenting takes during the holidays… 

I can’t forget to mention my main SUPPORT… @highsocietypapa has stepped it up in the most epic way! I am so fortunate!!!  (My heart goes out to single Moms, you are INCREDIBLE)

Speaking of Joints - Bubba Kush Strain Pre Rolls are Back!

My favorite CBD flower strain, Bubba Kush is finally BACK in stock and even better, it is a fresh harvest and it is good!  This cultivar, renowned for its soothing and calming properties, is a testament to SOCIETY's commitment to curate the finest offerings for your well-being.  

This strain is restocked in Bubba Kush flower, CBD Pre Rolls and Ready to Roll

The earthy notes of Bubba Kush invite you to indulge in a moment of tranquility, making it a perfect addition to your self-care repertoire. Smoking CBD can bring on instantaneous effects, where you get to bask in the full body and mind relaxation from CBD.

With EVERY smokable or vape purchase you get a FREE 1/8th of Bubba Kush!

Day ? of Self Care - Upping the Passion with CBD Gummies for Sex

First, let’s acknowledge the fact that the holidays are a stressful time of year.  When we are stressed, all of life is just more SUCKY. (NO pun intended) I’ve learned (the hard way) how MY anxiety affects my family; it’s LESS than enjoyable for ALL. 😖 

Tips to Keep You Partner Happy over the Holidays

Here’s a few tips to help improve your relationship over the holidays.   

  1. keep your cup full with PLENTY of self care (in every way possible)
  2. Have an HONEST conversation on what each of you REALLY WANT for the holidays
  3. Plan to actually follow through on that thing 
  4. If you want to drop the stress and get IN on the fun, then SOCIETY’s Passion CBD Gummies for Sex are THE move with a MICRO-microdose of 1.5mg of the big THC
  5. If you're not into it, then just GIVE him the damn BJ 

I’ll elaborate on each of these topics below: 

  1. Self Care is the THEME around here this month. Not saying I’m entirely NAILING it, but I’m doing it in my own HOT ME(ss) way - to squeeze it in! It’s so important to keep filling our cup with self care! 
  2. Have that HONEST conversation about WHAT you both want for the holidays. Maybe it's a full day of ALONE time in your house, maybe he wants a little more lovin’ in the sheets or a date night (in or out), or maybe you need a night out with girlfriends!!!!
  3. FOLLOW THROUGH - there is no better way to ensure you get what YOU want, than to follow through on what HE wants. 
  4. Drop in to BOTH enjoy the PASSION - my hubs love language is def, getting it ON. But, my constant anxiety and stress often gets in the way of ME getting “in the mood”. When I take a PASSION Gummy, that micro micro dose of THC along with a big boost of CBD works wonders for getting my mind to calm TF down so I can drop into the moment and both have more FUN! 
  5. If you are not in the mood, then just SUCK it up and give him the BJ.  When his D in the🎁box is being cared for…other gifts for YOU are more likely to follow. (no guarantees, but certainly worth a try)

CBD Softgels for Stress

How do you plan to SLEIGH through the holiday stress????  Our most sought after product is our RAW CBDA + CBD Softgels. Studies have shown CBD has anti-stress effects, which may reduce depression related to stress. But, do you know about CBDA???

The Raw Power of CBDA Softgels for Migraines, Pain and more…

CBDA studies have shown that even in lower doses this cannabinoid is possibly even more effective than CBD or THC at fighting anxiety, depression, inflammation and nausea. 

 SOCIETY’s Plant RAW CBD+CBDA soft gels and RAW CBDA tincture, both deliver this most potent cannabinoid for healing and feeling your best so you can SLEIGH (slay) all day! 

Will CBDA + CBD Soft Gels get me high?

The short answer is, NO.  However, it is flooding your system with cannabinoids and everyone’s body will react differently. When taking 3-4 CBDA softgels, along with other cannabis products, it MIGHT amplify the effects of the cannabis, or prolong the effects.  This is a product we generally recommend for people to take at bedtime for a deeper, more restful night of sleep. Or take as needed for pain and inflammation relief. 

Using CBD for Sleep is a form of Self Care - Day?

“I’ll be OM for the holidays'' is my strategy after getting a full night of sleep (which is hard to come by). I love the DREAM Mushroom Tincture because it combines functional mushrooms with the calming effects of CBD for an incredible night of DEEP + REM sleep! 

Check out our blog on using cannabis for sex and pleasure, then when you are coming down from the high of lovemaking and orgasmic fun, now you’re ready to relax into a deep slumber. Our DREAM, mushroom enhanced CBD tincture will help you drift off into dreamland, some consumers have even shared their dreams are more intense and enjoyable while taking this herbal blend with melatonin. Dream, incorporates fungi and other herbs such as chamomile to calm the nervous system, red reishi to fight fatigue and rejuvenate the whole body, and Albizia bark to increase happiness throughout your whole spirit. 

Cannabis for Sleep - Buy Online

What is keeping you OM this year? I know that the convenience of not having to go into a dispensary to pick up quality cannabis, is one way that I stay OM.  Additionally, SOCIETY’s Plant has two types of cannabis gummies for sleep

Rest & Relax Delta 8 Gummies - The Best Weed Gummies for Sleep

My secret to getting enough self care with plant medicine is to focus on rest and relaxation to offset my stress and excessive caffeine consumption.  SOCIETY’s Plant R&R Delta 8 gummies are a favorite for many customers to wind down in the evening with a nice gentle landing to snooze town.  Winter is the time to dig into the darkness...calling for a day of REST (because I BADLY need to prioritize sleep). 

Buy the Hottest Self Care Cannabis Products on SALE

 You can’t beat the convenience of your weed gummies and cannabis products getting shipped DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR.  Skip the line at the dispensary and LEGALLY, shop online for your favorite tool for rest, relaxation and self care. Join the Self Care email list below, to get the VIP treatment with exclusive VIP offers sent straight to your inbox.  SOCIETY's Plant Shop wants to send you the perfect selection of goodies to pamper and elevate your well-being.   We created two separate lists:

  1. Self Care for MomEntry will subscribe you to emails curated specifically for moms.

  2. Self Care for SOCIETYEntry will subscribe you to emails NOT specific to mom stuff. 

Self Care for Mom - VIP Email List Sign Up:

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I’m a sick today and the only thing helping me is your artisanal tea with CBD 🌱 I was looking to tag you on a post, had to find you again, they keeo hiding you! I’m so glad I did because now I can enter this amazing giveaway 😀 This mama needs it!! 🤞🏼💨💚

Katie December 15, 2023

No seriously though thank you! I appreciate so much the extra closeness between myself and my “first born” ( I have an older kid that I didn’t birth so I’m talking about our middle child) that came from my reluctantly following your amazing advice ….against the wishes of his stuffy sober dad 🤣 I could go on but I won’t, but I appreciate you more than I could ever say, High Society Mama!

Larrissa Truax December 15, 2023


Sara December 15, 2023

This is such a sweet thing to do for us mamas!!! Your gummies are absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you for helping me chill out. Your products are the best

Nicole Wagner December 15, 2023

Thank you for being awesome!

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This is such a awesome 12 days variation! Thank you for all the time you find to coordinate such inspired celebrations of motherhood and plant based medicine.

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You’re the cutest!! Thanks for being so courageous 🥰

Katie December 12, 2023

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