Big Plans and Hemp Plants in the Ground

We are working hard on planting the new hemp crop and also making some big plans...

If you follow us on social media @societysplant you will see that we got our first round of hemp plants in the hemp field. We still have to plant about half the field, but it is really gorgeous out there. What makes it really special is the sustainable gardening practices High Society Papa (aka Tad in real life) uses.  Instead of using plastic ground cover, like many of the big agricultural farm use, we have living ground cover called green mulch.  This living ground cover is a mixture of plants that grow surrounding the hemp plants and helps to suppress weeds. It also feeds nitrogen to the soil.  The idea is that the living soil rich in nitrogen and nutrients produces happier and healthier hemp plants. 
We have created a lush living soil that also does not drain the water we supply through a drip irrigation. This means we use less water, which helps reduce our environmental impact.  Living soil is also known to creating a higher terpene rich plant, which we all love smoking! 
Here are some of the baby hemp plants before they went into the ground. 
And, here is one little lady happily spreading her leaves as she takes root in her new home for the summer!  Notice the clover, radish greens and other wild flowers surrounding the plant.  Tell us this is not an environment you would love flourish in? 
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Here are a few more updates on Society's Plant:
We are making some big plans and growing! But, with all new ideas and growth comes some growing pains. We can't fill you in on all the details just yet, but we promise some exciting things are in store for Society, and we can't wait to share them with you as they unfold!  The first move we are making is bringing on 2 part time virtual positions. One will be a Digital Communications Manager for Society's Plant, so we can more fluidly roll out and notify you of new products, have regular sales and communicate all this valuable information to you on a regular basis!  Currently, High Society Mama (aka Bianca in real life) handles all this, but it is stalling other projects, so we are growing!  2nd, High Society Mama, is hiring a virtual assistant to help her in expanding her reach to fulfill on the mission to inspire mothers to be confident in their choice to use cannabis and to help normalize the use of plant medicine, particularly for mothers. 
Cherry Blossom Strain is Moving into TINY BUDS territory:
Our very popular CBD hemp flower strain, Cherry Blossom has been discounted down to the Tiny Buds pricing because we only have smaller sized buds left. Remember, the Tiny Buds offerings are still the same great quality of CBD flower, just in a smaller size of nugs. These can also be great to use for home infusions such as CBD infused oils. 
If you have not yet tried the 3 NEW STRAINS, please check them out! 
JET FUEL: Buckle up for this Sativa dominant strain that is uplifting and stimulating to power through your daily tasks like, well, Jet Fuel! There is a sweet, diesel-like aroma to help you jet swiftly through your daily routine.
Jet Fuel does the heavy lifting with almost instant cognitive effects, putting all racing thoughts and negativity to rest. After the focus boost you can anticipate a tranquil and focused landing.  With this new found clarity and razor sharp focus, you will be pleased to find a first class experience for winding down for rest after a productive day.
Blueberry Diesel CBD hemp flower is a cross between famed Blueberry and Sour Diesel strains. Creating an uplifting and tranquil buzz, this strain is great for daytime creativity or soothing relaxation. The hybrid has a lineage of indica Blueberry and sativa Sour Diesel. Making it a perfect middle of the road smoke for anytime relief. The name explains it well, with a sweet berry fruit nose followed by diesel undertones.
Extremely relaxing, while also elating.  Jam packed with 13% CBD.
Strawberry Gelato is sweet and creamy like gelato with a potent berry punch.  This is a nice anxiety soother for social interactions or just to calm inflamed emotions.  Definitely a refreshing strain with a strawberry aroma and the smoke leaves behind a soft and creamy sensation. Strong in the terpenes: Myrcene & Caryophyllene, which make it a wonderful anxiety soother and pain reliever. 

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