Best Edibles for Female Arousal

The Best Edibles for Sexy - this will surprise you.

 I love discussing the topic of cannabis for sex because there are some strong opinions on the subject, but I think the data that the data is skewed in one direction that does not fully considering all the variables at hand. 

Not another boring Cannabis Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

If this was a typical Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide then this would be filled with CBD lubes and weed infused massage oils. I promise to not write a lame blog with a bunch of paid product promotion placements, and I intend to deliver on that promise so let’s move on to the NOT boring part! 

CBD Valentine’s Day Gifts

I’m kidding, but Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the most ridiculous - consumerism driven Hallmark holiday out there. But that does NOT stop me from jumping in and putting some deep thought + creative energy toward coming up with a half baked marketing plan (no pun intended, ok maybe a little because those HHC + Delta 9 THC gummies DEFINITELY get the creative juices flowing for me) at the 11th hour. (thank you ADHD)  But, because I am committed to the mission to bring to market artisanal products that elevate humanity and value collaborating as a community to bring SOCIETY the best in craft and sustainable cultivation - I continue to push through all the challenges because I know can see the impact I get to make on others. That is what lights me up.

If you really want a (not boring) 2024 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 

Then here is my best version of a unique perspective of my recommendations for the 2024 Best Cannabis products for Sex

Funny Relatable Videos on Using Cannabis for Better Sex

I am linking a few of my favorite reels that cover these topics here so you can start your day with a good laugh…

Elevating your game in the bedroom.

What happened when my husband asked what I want for V-Day (this one surprised me)

The results when I smoke before sex (this is one of my most popular reels, year after year)


No one is talking about: Cannabis for Sex Effects - that get your brain to shut up 

I don’t live my life to try to be “normal” or “fit in”. I have also experienced the challenges that go with “going against the grain” and I do not enjoy being criticized by strangers for my choices.  I share my experiences, so others can learn with me and relate on some level, because living an extraordinary life takes a lot of courage and grit. I don’t always get it right. I have had my ups and downs. I fall and get back up, and focus not only on what brings me joy, but also sharing what has caused me struggles. 

Best Cannabis Strains for Sex and Best Edibles for Sex

I put a lot of thought into the products we bring to market. I experiment with what works for me and when I find a solution to a problem, especially with a product I sell then you can bet that I’m going to share it. And that authentic act of sharing my experience, is what sometimes results in my most relatable, energetic (and often dancing) best content. 

I swear this relates back to Valentine’s Day Cannabis for Sex topic…

My husband and I have been together for over 19 years. Having a kid seriously changes a relationship. It also changes the woman’s body, brain and most notably HORMONES. I would be lying to you if I tried to act like our relationship has been easy. It would be total bullshit if I suggested that tonight, on Valentine’s Day  - we are going to have some kind of rose petal, candle lit romp fest. (I will definitely report it on my Instagram stories if it does happen!)

Parents Use Cannabis for Better Sex

So relationships are really fucking hard and having sex after having kids often feels like more of a chore than an act of pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, but it does not come easily. I have to WORK for it and after a day full of work, the last thing I want to do is more work. So, we put off pleasuring each other and the resentment builds (I’m not going into how this pans out). 

Or, we figure out ways that we can make having sex and BOTH reaching an orgasm - a little more of a sure thing. If you are here to find out the…

Best Edibles for Sex - then keep reading

I am not speaking for all women out there, but based on the popularity of my social media posts on the topic of sharing MY struggles with managing my ADHD brain during sex, I have gathered that this is one of the LEAST talked about topics that numerous women/mothers can relate to.

Posting on social media about living life on my terms, taking my kid to Burning Man, extended breastfeeding, sex, and even cannabis, has not always come easy for me. I still get a little uncomfortable sharing some of my more vulnerable posts. But, I would be even more upset with myself if I didn’t share it because it is the shared experience being human and through stories that communities have learned from each for centuries prior to social media. Sharing my experiences on social media creates meaningful connections that are relatable and allows women to speak about their needs (through sharing a funny video) and struggles with their partners.  This is where we really get to move the needle and make a meaningful impact, that we often don’t see the results of because people rarely openly share about it.

Cupid probably wants you to use CBD for Sex

But, thanks to the lovely Hallmark Holiday of Valentine’s Day, it is socially acceptable to share heart shaped chalk candy and gushy love messages. This somehow translates into more people considering a date night and possibly a little extra sexy time. This means that Valentine’s Day feels like a damn good time to dive into the BEST cannabis for sex effects, because it's on people’s minds already!  

Smoke Weed for Sexual Arousal

I will reiterate that I am not a sex expert. I discovered the benefits of smoking CBD prior to sex, from my personal experiences from using it to quiet my monkey brain (which gets even louder the second we hit the sheets, despite the opposite of intentions).  

Smoking hemp flower is still relatively new to the market, compared to the decades that people have been smoking weed. We don’t have as much anecdotal data on smoking hemp either.  The farm bill was passed in 2018 and we jumped in to grow hemp at our small farm in the Summer of 2019.  I found SOCIETY in a situation similar to many other eager hemp farmers, we were sitting on a LOT of hemp. I needed to figure out HOW I was going to market this product that wasn’t nearly as popular as weed without the strong effects of THC. When the pandemic hit and my anxiety spiked, I turned the CBD flower to ease my anxiety and I was amazed at how well it worked. This led me to experiment with it more in other situations and also talking to my cannamom friends in the High Society of Mamas chats about how they were using it. 

Parenting and Orgasms - An impossible combo?

I also realized that as a PARENT, spontaneous sex does not usually bring ME to an incredible orgasm. Yes, we can squeeze it in, but it is NOT going to be that white knuckle, pillow over my face to muffle my screams, kind of sexy time, that’s REALLY worth putting in the effort for. 

This was when I learned that to reach that amazing orgasm, it takes a JOINT effort... 

Here are the secrets that @highsocietymama and @highsocietypapa have discovered through the years of evolving our sex life to work for us even with the challenges of parenthood…

Tips for Parents to Improve Sex with Cannabis (and without)

  1. PLAN for SEX. Be clear on the game plan (ie get the kids to bed early enough + don’t accidentally fall asleep during story time🤪obviously that’s happened to us more than a couple times) 

  1. SMOKE CBD or a blend of CBD + THC with MUCH MORE CBD to keep the anxious thoughts at bay, clear your mind & help you to relax into the process.

Hitting the Society's Plant CBD dominant hemp flower right before we get it on, ensures I’m not thinking about taking out the trash, or the last item on my to do list that I have procrastinated for a month & contemplating whether I moved the laundry to the dryer (2 days ago).  

To take it a step further, now if I have a random thought that is stuck in my head, without wanting to get out. I just blurt it out. It’s likely the least sexy thing I can do at that moment, but releasing it from my head lets me move past it and the results of me getting off are much better than me continuing to dwell on REMEMBERING to hit send on the Amazon order I keep forgetting about. (none of these scenarios are made up, I swear)

  1. Give yourselves enough TIME. Female orgasms take TIME. It takes some sweet talk (I prefer compliments), a little foreplay & a LOT of time down there. If steps 1 & 2 are skipped then the chance of that big O goes down dramatically. 
  1. Feedback/Communication. If there was something you liked, then mention it afterwards so that it can be repeated. If you are not enjoying something then speak up. If you are faking it, to make it through, then you are going to continue to get that same mediocre results.  No one wants that.  
  1. Set the mood (obviously this needs to happen before you start). Put on some good smells. Light candles. Put on music that gets you in the mood - here is my fave playlist we made on Spotify - 80’s Pop for Sleep or Sexytime. These things help to arouse BOTH of your senses. Let’s not downplay the importance of setting the mood!  This is our little ritual to help me to drop into the moment. 

Passion CBD Gummies for Sex are the Best Edibles for Female Arousal

The most popular products at SOCIETY’s Plant are the THC gummies. But, I have found that THC and sex don’t always mix well and a little THC actually goes a long way. From my experience a lot of CBD and a little bit of THC is the perfect mix of cannabinoids for sex. This led me to create SOCIETY’s Passion CBD Seggs Gummies with 50mg of full spectrum CBD, 1.5mg of THC and 1.5mg of CBC, a great cannabinoid for inflammation and muscle recovery. 

Not everyone wants to smoke CBD prior to sex, and even though this method takes a little bit more planning to take your weed gummy with enough time for it to kick in prior to sex, it is still a very effective method of quieting the mind to really enjoy the passion and pleasure of sex with cannabis. 

 Tips for using Cananbis for Sex

Let us know in the comments if you have more tips or secrets to add! I know it can be hard to make sex a priority when juggling all the responsibilities of being a parent. I know it might not EXCITE you at this point in your life, the way it once did. But, reinvigorating your sex life might really make a difference in your connection with your partner. Bonus points if it helps to pleasure you as well, because you deserve a REALLY good orgasm. 

Is Cannabis your love language?

Did you see that one time that I bragged on social media about giving my husband a blow job on social media?  I talked for 15 minutes on an Instagram live to brag about how proud I was of myself for communicating to my husband in his love language.  I wasn’t in the mood, but we still did it and THAT is awesome too, because I connected with him to speak to him in  his love language.  

 Do you and your partner know each other’s love language? If not then take the quiz here.  

After becoming a Mom, many of us have to relearn how to feel sexy again and be pleasured. With all the changes of motherhood and hormones fluctuating, we need to adapt to a new way of life with kids, but those new ways do NOT mean we give or receive LESS LOVE.

We need to PRIORITIZE receiving enough and the right type of love from our partner, to feel secure. We have to prioritize fulfilling each others’ needs, SO THAT WE CAN BE THE BEST PARENTS WE CAN FOR OUR CHILDREN!  Loving your partner shows your children the rock hard foundation you can be for each other.  I did a 15 min “Ted Talk” on how I use CBD and cannabis to speak in my partner’s love language. This video does not disappoint. 

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