2022-2023 Cannamom Gift Guide

Find the Best Gifts to Buy for Mom in 2022

I’m a Mom, it’s mid-way through December and I’m exhausted. Not like an, "I am going to quit momming" kind of exhausted, more like - “I need some gifts to uplift my spirit, elevate my look and pamper myself with, that is not a macaroni necklace or a coffee mug” - kind of exhausted.

I am Bianca, aka High Society Mama on social media, where I work to inspire mothers to be more confident in their choice to use cannabis. Today, I will share with you my essential shopping list for the canna-curious OR plant-medicine-loving Mother, so we can help make your shopping a breeze!

The Best Gift Guide for Moms that use Plant Medicine  

Moms take on so much during the holidays, playing Santa, arranging for copious amounts of magical cheer, juggling all the activities and of course, being the designated snack bitch, is hard work. Luckily there is a natural wellness tool called Cannabis that helps to regulate our big adulting emotions, so we can show up as the SUPER MOM we want to be and spread the magic and cheer for all to enjoy! 

10 Best Gifts to buy for a Cannamom:  

High Society of Mamas Leopard CannaMom Jacket

This faux fur leopard jacket is perfect for the mom that is comfortable with showing a little subtle cannabis advocacy.  The High Society of Mamas patch is displayed on the back. This is the most sought-after item in the shop this holiday season, and definitely a wonderful gift for the mom that is into showing that hint of advocacy through normalization. 

Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman's Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out by Danielle Simon Brand 

This incredible book, Weed Mom, covers everything a mother would want to know about cannabis, in order to feel comfortable exploring the plant on her own.  But, even for a cannabis connoisseur, this book has a lot to offer.  Prepare to laugh and smile throughout, because this is not a run-of-the-mill "how-to" book. With each page, it feels like your BFF is there smoking a joint with you!  This book gives plenty of plant medicine education and science, while also keeping it light and entertaining.  

SOCIETY's Plant CHILL Mushroom Enhanced CBD tincture

Speaking of needing to CHILL TF out - SOCIETY'S PLANT Mushroom Enhanced CBD tinctures is a full line of mushroom blends with CBD to assist you in feeling your best. The CHILL Mushroom formulation might be just what you need to combat stress. This blend of adaptogenic and anxiety-reducing herbs will help you to reduce stress on your body and improve your cognitive performance to mom like a BOSS. CHILL Mushroom Enhanced Tincture is specifically formulated to aid in stress relief and letting that shiitake go! 

Life Elements Signature Bath Bomb

Relax in the bathtub with a Life Elements Signature Bath Bomb! Life Elements produces hand-crafted products with all-natural ingredients and allows you to pick a size of CBD based on your level of pain or anxiety. With a focus on sustainability and clean ingredients, this is a company you can trust with your CBD bath care. 

SOCIETY PLANT’s Delta-8 & Delta-9 THC Gummies

When you need to relax and unwind with plant medicine, in a discreet way, I recommend: sSOCIETY PLANT’s Delta-8 Gummies. These gummies let your body take over with a sense of calm and deep relaxation from head to toe.  If you are open to smoking CBD-dominant hemp flower, that can give immediate relief from anxiety. Check out the SOCIETY's Hemp Smokes

If you want a more “traditional high” then try out the 1:1 CBD:THC Gummy 12mg of THC and CBD to bring all the fun giggles in a balanced cannabinoid profile. 

Potency 710 Gold Serum

Too much stress as well as aging can take a toll on the skin. Potency 710 Gold Serum is packed with plant oils and is super-effective and multi-functional, to not only increase skin’s elasticity but also speed up cell renewal and is a true skin balancer for every skin type.

High Fashion Smell Proof Locking Clutch by SOCIETY

Parents should use caution in how and where they store their plant medicine products. If you want to stash away your goods behind a lock, then I recommend the High Fashion Smell Proof Locking Clutch by SOCIETY.  This fashionable bag can be used as a purse or just look good stashed away knowing your product is safely stored away.

High Design Ring by High Society Collection

The High Design Ring is an adjustable open-face ring. The leaf charm and ball are constructed from solid brass and the ring band is sterling silver. High Society Collection is a mother-owned business with hand-crafted jewelry that any cannabis connoisseur will fall in love with. 

Blunt Blowin Mama's Statement Shirts

If you are ready to be loud and proud about your cannabis use, then I recommend visiting the Blunt Blowin Mama's shop for statement shirts like Moms who smoke weed are not bad moms or “first I smoke weed & then I do things”. 

CannaMOM AF Gear

Lastly, after you build up your confidence in cannabis use from enjoying the humor and positive motivation coming from High Society Mama's Tiktoks and REELS then it is time to start letting the world know that you are CANNAMOM AF! 

SOCIETY PLANT offers a High Pony CannaMOM AF Cap and gold bling: CannaMOM AF necklace. I find these are just the right amount of cheeky fun, to strike up a conversation with others about your cannabis use.

CannaMoms are not hard to shop for…

With so many wonderful gift items I’m sure it will be hard to narrow down exactly what to buy her, but I assure you that you can’t go wrong with these options. Just to make this deal even better if you click any of the links there is a VIP special offer available on each of the items listed. No discount codes are needed.

Cannabis & Motherhood Advocacy

There is still a long way to go in normalizing cannabis consumption, but one way to support the cause is to purchase products from companies that help advocate for change! At SOCIETY and with High Society Mama, we believe it is important for Mothers to take a stand and advocate for this plant in order to fight the stigma of cannabis. Mothers are held to a very high standard in society and so: "when we normalize cannabis for mothers then we normalize it for all of SOCIETY". 

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