Mushroom Enhanced CBD Tincture Trio


Chill Mushroom Enhanced CBD Tincture

Feeling freaking frazzled? This blend of adaptogenic and anxiety-reducing herbs will help you get through bouts of social anxiety or those days of parenting hell. This Mushroom Enhanced Tincture is formulated to aid in stress relief and letting that shiitake go! Made with 1,000mg 99%+ Pure CBD hemp extract, in an alcohol & coconut oil base with a variety of calming herbs you’ll want to carry this bottle with you for any time you need to chill the F out! Flavor: Citrus Berry *Read more about the ingredients here! 

Dream Mushroom Enhanced CBD Tincture

Drift off into dreamland with this Mushroom Enhanced Functional Tincture made with 1,000mg 99%+ Pure CBD hemp extract, a proprietary alcohol-based mushroom extract for sleep, Melatonin, and sustainably sourced MCT Oil. With a beautiful blend of Chinese herbs, this lavender & lemon essenced tincture will aid in your nightly bliss & bring balance to your nervous system with the adaptogenic power of reishi. *Check out all the herbs in this formula here.

Thrive Mushroom Enhanced CBD Tincture

Formulated to boost your immunity so you can feel like a really “FUNGI”! With a blend of THE BEST mushrooms you could forage combined with vitamin C and 1,000mg 99%+ Pure CBD hemp extract this plant medicine will help you power through all your ambitious goals daily, weekly, and all year round. Flavor: Zesty Orange 

*So many amazing fungi in this formula read about them here!

Customer Reviews

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Stephany Item
CBD and mushroom tincture

I do believe these tinctures have changed my life! Taking the thrive tincture in the morning has created a space for grounding, intention setting, and pure blissful serenity throughout my day. I have often found myself in tears out of simple and pure joy since taking these. A little side note- it had been years since I EXPERIENCED joy and to witness myself reconnecting with the simple joys- a good song, a snuggle from my son, a spontaneous intimate moment with husband…. I’ve been taking the Chill tincture in the afternoon and the best way I could describe it is wrapping a warm, weighted, lavender scented blanket all over my body. It gets me into an instant state of relaxation and nurturing! Lastly- the sleep tincture has been a miracle for sleep and waking up recharged!!!

Raegan Howard
All the tinctures!!

I have tried all 3, and will continue to use these for the foreseeable future.
The dream tincture is amazing, I'm not sure when I've fallen asleep so easily and had such restful sleep.
Thrive is so good first thing in the morning and really keeps me calm and able to focus.
And that brings us to Chill!!! A parents dream tincture. About an hour before they get off the bus I take it. And I am able to feel more focused, present and calm.
These are a changer. They aren't TOO strong, they're just right.

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