CannaMom AF Necklace


CannaMom Bling is Total Fire! 

Need a conversation starter to show off your status as a proud CannaMOM? We love this CannaMom AF necklace! 

We have the perfect accessory to go with spreading the word on momming with cannabis being COOL AF.  Represent the canna-community with this “CannaMom AF” necklace. 

Wear it in combo with a CannaMom shirt and you will definitely be invited to drop a knowledge bomb on the magic of cannabinoids. Also check out this CannaMom AF High-Ponytail hat for added AF attention! 

The necklace charm is 58mm x 10mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ashley Hathaway
I flipping love this necklace.

This is such a great gift. I always wanted a bar necklace and one that says CannAMom af I am all for it. Wish the chain was sturdier but all in all yes yes yes please can I have another for my bestie!!

Nydia GanjaClergy
Why Not State my GREAT

I am an advocate and educator so I place the call to see who answers.

This is such a classy way to make folks understand why ya smell like herbal essence in a classy ass way.

Janelle Johngrass
Advocate in Style

I love this necklace so much. It's the perfect piece to compliment any outfit!

Angela Elevli
The cutest necklace!

Such a fun and great way to rock canna mom apparel. I feel badass in it!

Rita DeAlmeida
Super cute

Super subtle way of showing I’m a canna mom !!

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