Flip Vape Battery


Discreet Key Fob Vape Battery

Disguise your vape pen battery as a key fob. This flip vape stores away easily for convenient use. 

Buy a BB Tank Flip Vape Battery

This is the perfect vape pen battery. The vape battery is discreet as it looks like a car key fob and it flips the vape cartridge out. It has 3 voltage levels.  Currently available is the BB TANK Battery only

Please note you have to purchase the vape cartridge separate from the battery.

This item for sale is the vape pen battery ONLY. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephanie Hannan

I purchased 3 of these vapes, 2 to give as gifts. 2 of the 3 batteries did not work. When I contacted customer service they were great. They immediately sent out 2 replacement batteries, that work just fine.
Their great customer service will keep me coming back as a customer.

Jeff Stanford
I had high hopes....

I pruhased this because of it's unsusual design. I even had plans to have it engraved as it in my opinion had sort of a classy design and looked in the pics to be of better quality. That is not the case. The modern Tetris design while looks like it could be metallic is not. It's a cheaply made sticker. It does not stand up inside your pocket with loose change or keys. Mine looked scratched/soiled when I took it out of my pocket. Using mild soap and water I tried to clean it and thats when the fininsh came completly off. I am so dissapointed. A waste of money.

Amazing product and service

Really nice cart battery. Works well!

love this

works great...so much easier to carry...keeps a charge...no negatives...love you guys

Matthew Holland
Would recommend.

It protects the cartridge and keeps it from getting lint in the mouth piece. You cant tell what it is unless you pick it up and really look at it. Works great and shipped fast. Will buy again.

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