3 Things You Must Know About Smoking Hemp Flower

Nowadays there are so many different CBD hemp products. There are edibles, tinctures, teas, creams, even dog treats. But with so many new and trendy CBD products, what happened to just good old fashion smoking? 


So next time you are planning to eat that CBD infused gummy, consider these three reasons to smoke hemp flower instead:


Less Processed  


Unlike that CBD gummy, you were about to stuff in your mouth that has all those preservatives, additives, and other complicated extra long-named ingredients that I can’t even begin to pronounce, the hemp flower has none of that junk that is in most of the CBD edibles (especially when Society's Plant uses no chemicals or synthetic ingredients to grow our hemp flowers). 


In addition, the minimal processing required to cultivate and prepare the natural hemp flower keeps the full spectrum of natural terpenes intact within the plant, which gives the smoker the fullest benefits of CBD and more from the hemp flower. 


And unlike CBD tincture products that isolate one specific chemical or compound within the plant, smoking SOCIETY hemp flower with its full spectrum, creates a synergistic multiplying effect as the full spectrum of terpenes bring the most out of each other and create “the sum of the whole is greater than each individual part” effect. 

cbd buds

Faster Results

What physiologically happens when you smoke CBD flowers? When you inhale, the smoke immediately goes to your lungs, which is then captured by these sacs on your lungs (called alveoli).


The sacs transport the smoke to your bloodstream where it circulates around in your body. Do you know this process is more effective than ingesting edibles or tinctures?


The answer is in the digestive tract. Because, before the CBD gets to the intestines where it is distributed into the bloodstream, it has to go through the stomach first.


The most damaging feature of the stomach to ingested CBD is the stomach acid with a pH of 1.5-2. In fact, the stomach acid is so strong that it digests and breaks down the CBD to the point where only trace amounts get to the intestines and circulate into the bloodstream. 

You Won't Get High


There are two major molecules within the hemp plant, CBD and THC. Whereas CBD is the molecule that helps regulate the body and bring it back to homeostasis when it gets overly stressed, THC is the psychoactive molecule that can affect mental and cognitive functions within people. 


The great thing about hemp flower is that it has very little THC, so it won’t get you “high” while smoking a high-quality hemp flower, which is perfect when you are stressed out at work and need to relax or bring yourself back to equilibrium without losing any productivity. 

Overall, if these tips are useful and you would like to purchase some all-natural smokable hemp flower grown without any preservatives or chemicals, check out our store today.


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