Harvest Campout

Tis the season for HARVEST and CELEBRATION!
Oct. 8-11th is Columbus Day weekend & also Tadianca wedding anniversary 
Come for 1, 2 or 3 nights for a campout and Harvesting FUN. 

If you have been eager to get out in nature, this is your opportunity.
If you have been wanting to revel by the fire surrounded by nature, this is your chance.
If you have been dying for a sleep over or campout with friends old and new, the time is NOW.
If you have never been in a field of hemp, this will be THAT majestic moment.
If you have never harvested a hemp plant or any plant of this type, it is a fun hands on experience for getting your hands sticky deep into the weeds.

You can come for the day to help harvest, you can stay for dinner (there is a dinner only option in the drop down menu) or spend the night!
EITHER WAY FILL OUT THE SURVEY! link for campout attendance SURVEY.
The farm is located in Benton Harbor just 1 hr 45 min from Chicago.

Bring the family (kids welcome), pitch a tent, (pack some warm cloths & blankets because it has been a little chilly at night) and come play with us!

This weekend (if you choose to join) includes contributing with harvest the BEAUTIFUL 5ft tall hemp plants, and connecting/ congregating with friends. FOOD IS INCLUDED.  We will plan and purchase all the food for communal meals that together (when not hemp harvesting) we prepare and clean up. We ask people not to bring food that must be kept in the fridge, unless you want to contribute a dish for the a meal (please let us know in the survey). 
We welcome you to come camp as a home base and go explore all that Southwest Michigan has to offer (apple picking, Lake Michigan beaches, wineries), if you prefer not to get sticky with the hemp leaves!

The cost of the event will be $50 for 1 night, $80 for 2 nights and $100 for 3 nights. Kids are no charge. We will provide plenty of flower for consumption, a Society's plant gift for you to take home, food, fun and community connection! If you would like any particular beverages: cider, beer, wine, spirits, please bring them. We will have a cooler with ice for canned beverages, but please pick up extra ice!
If you would like to stay inside the house in a bed in the dorm room or to rent a shift pod (you need to help set up and tear down) it is $30/night per bed or $30/night for a shift pod. 
Please select all of the following items: number of nights you plan to stay, for each person. One more time, Kids are FREE. Beds/shiftpod is $30/night, so select multiple of the beds/shift pod if staying for multiple nights in addition to your per person fee. 

Please Pay on here and also fill out the survey: link for campout attendance SURVEY.

Farm address is 2933 E Euclid Ave Benton Harbor, MI
Use the drop down menu to ADD TO CART: the number of nights each person in your party is staying. Also add to cart if you plan to stay 2 nights in a bed then you need to add 2 of the $30 inside bed option. 
Any questions or problems you can text Bianca at 303-882-9962

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