Hemp Flower - CBD: Cherry Blossom Discounted to TINY BUDS

Powerfully relaxing with mood-boosting effects that are almost instantaneous. 
All that remains of this beloved strain is our TINY BUDS size. All Cherry Blossom ordered will come as tiny buds. This price has been discounted down to tiny buds pricing as well.
Remember, the buds are still the same quality of CBD flower, however the size is on the much smaller end of the spectrum. 
Cherry Blossom hemp is a cross of “Cherry Wine” and “Wife”, two of the most desired hemp varieties. Our seed selection resulted in large flower masses comprised of tiny mouth watering flavorful buds delightfully flavored of sweet berries and fresh earth to accompany it's piney musk.  As such, this potent CBD hemp strain provides a tasty palate that will leave you wondering why you didn’t smoke it sooner!  
This strain can also be found under TINY BUDS.
Also available as PRE-ROLLS HEMPETTES.

Customer Reviews

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Relaxing, headclearing

Love this. Ordered a sample, love it, back for more. This strain relaxes me and clear my head. Great to lay back and think.

Carol Orellana
Good somke

It tastes really good I have fibromyalgia and I had a really bad migraine from it for the past 4 days so I smoke some of it in my bowl and it took like one whole night for it to just go away just a little bit for me to at least function for one whole day but the one I did like was the sample that came with what I purchased and it was Berry chill and that smoke really good and it put me to sleep and it relaxed me and I woke up like really nice and like the tea

Marci ruf
Cherry blossom

Amazing CBD flower RIGHT HERE 😍😍😍!

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