THC-O Flower Durban Poison on Bubba Kush THCO


We have taken Bubba Kush, a CBD flower that is a favorite among consumers, and infused it with the psychoactive powers of THC-O (Durban Poison), bringing you a cannabinoid-rich flower that has a psychedelic effect. This flower is definitely not for the novice but if used consciously this plant can partner with you in becoming more introspective & reflective.  Start low dose and go slow with THCO. 

Durban Poison: Sativa Dominant.


  • Terpinolene (fruity): Fresh and complex aromas of pine, florals, herbs, and citrus. Energetic and creative. Also found in lilacs, nutmeg, and cumin.
  • Myrcene(herbal): 
  • Ocimene(mint):

Bubba Kush: soothes the mind and body perfectly for people who have difficulties sleeping, have pain, or just anxiety. It even helps with muscle tension, spasms, inflammation, joint pains, and migraines. Discover the terpene profile of Bubba Kush!

What is THC-O? 

THC-O is considered a classical cannabinoid, which means it shares the same base structure as cannabinoids found in nature. The difference is that the functional acetate group is not found in nature.

How does THC-O make you feel? 

Low doses feel virtually identical to delta 9 THC, moderate doses are nearly psychedelic in terms of the more intense visuals and altered headspace it creates.

How long does it take to feel the effects? 

While delta 9 THC usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes to kick in (oral), THC-O can take up to an hour before the effects are felt.

A WORD OF CAUTION! If you took THC-O and don’t feel anything after an hour, it’s important to wait at least one more hour before taking a second dose. The last thing you want is to have both doses kick in at the same time unexpectedly.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Worth the Wait!

It was so relaxing and gave me a calming, yet hopeful and happy feeling. It was the perfect end to my day!


THC-O FLOWER DURBAN POISON ON BUBBA KUSH was exactly what I was looking for and has quickly become my new go to! A perfect way for this Mama to relax! 🤘

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