5 Ways Canna-Moms are Changing the World for Women

We took inspiration from this beautifully written article by Kimberly Delarosa from the Cannabis Life Network, titled "The Top 5 Canna-Moms for you to Follow" and decided to piggy back on it to bringing you more insight into why these moms do what they do and how you can become a Mom Advocate too. 

  1. They support women in feeling comfortable & confident with their choice to consume cannabis for healing as well as pleasure. As many more women like High Society Mama share how cannabis has improved their life, it fuels the courage in others, to share with their community. Each mother plays a role in normalizing the use of cannabis.  We find the hemp and CBD tea is a great entry point to help the canna-curious to begin their cannabis journey.  Additionally, the SOCIETY smokes, are the perfect starter to the incredible benefits of smoking CBD

  2. By creating inclusive environments where women can learn about the health benefits of cannabis. Once some women figure out the secret sauce to thriving with the use of plant medicine they tend to want to share it with the world. Some canna-moms channel that passion into education & 1-on-1 coaching to help others heal. CBD allows you to inhale the benefits of cannabis without having the strong euphoric feelings of the THC. 

  3. Many Canna-Moms curate "healing circles" where women can share their personal stories. Sometimes you simply need community and it can be especially isolating to feel like you are the only mom on the block toking when the fact is there are millions of us hiding what we should NOT be ashamed of. Connecting with others, rather that is online or in person is tremendously validating and comforting. 

  4. Lifting up the voices of others! A big part of being a leader as a cannabis smoking mama is holding space for the other voices within the community that may not have platforms. Podcast hosts just like Blunt Blowin Mama featured in the article does just that! Amplifying voices of BIWOC moms and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. 

  5. ADVOCATING for alternative healing in all seasons of life! There are so many reasons Moms turn to the plant some come to it out of desperation to navigate complex health challenges with their kids when allopathic medicine has no more answers and some consume cannabis to be rescued from life's seasonal issues such as menstrual, postpartum & menopausal disorders Either way sharing stories of success shines light on the many benefits of the terpenes and cannabinoids found in cannabis. 

While there is a focus on Moms within these articles we would like to encourage ALL women of ALL ages to feel comfortable stepping up and advocating for cannabis. The more conversations that happen the more we can make cannabis use normal & break the harmful stigmas that have been plaguing cannabis for far too long. For a regular dose of motivation & encouragement make sure you are following High Society Mama

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