Introducing our New Ready To Roll!

Every Sunday I sit down with my favorite Society's Plant CBD flower & a little THC flower, my favorite rolling tray, a grinder & some rolling papers, I turn on some music and I commune with my plant medicine. It's my jam! It's my self care time and it helps me clear my mind and be ready to medicate throughout the week. As a mom, a business owner and just an overall busy person I simply can't be fumbling around with this process on a daily basis, so just like how my husband grinds his coffee so his busy mornings go smoother I grind my plant medicine so I can stay ahead of my stress & anxiety and nourish my ECS system everyday. 

By now I have a general idea of how much cannabis I'll go through however sometimes I fall short or it'll be a week that called for a little extra dosing then next thing you know I'm out of the flower I ground with such loving intention. I know, I know it seems like a simple fix! All I really need to do is pull out my stash and grind a bit more. BUT NO!! Instead I put it off a day or two until the lack of cannabinoids in my body become evident. Who else does this? Well, let me tell ya' a little secret! You can keep dosing without breaking up the flow of your day! All you need is a stash of  Society's Plant Ready to Roll CBD Flower. 

What is Ready to Roll CBD Flower? 

Ready to Roll is quality pre-ground CBD buds. This isn't shake or trim! It's the same great flower you are used to getting in nuggets but ground perfectly, just as you would for optimum smokability. 

How can I use Ready to Roll? 

This flower is ready to smoke the way you desire. It says it in the name! Roll it! Tuck it into your pipe, bong or flower stick. It is ready when you're body is in need! 

What strain(s) is it available in? 

Current inventory is ONLY stocked with ROCKET FUEL, which is is a mix of AC/DC + Harley Quinn Cherry. This strain has very dense buds with a potent diesel but still a very sweet aroma. It is super dense and has an earthy, diesel, spicy aroma. It is an energizing, feel-good favorite strain for daytime productivity, focus, and clarity. Terpenes (starting with most dominant): Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene Read more about these terpenes here! 

Will you be adding any other strains? 
Yes! Soon our Ready to Roll collection will include Boax Spectrum, Bubba Kush and Cherry Blossom. 

How else can I use this pre-ground CBD flower? 

Having flower already ground to pair with other smokable herbs is totally convenient, especially if you are not a regular cannabis smoker. Buying it ready for your specific needs saves you from having to buy any other tools to use your flower. 

Are there any other products you'd be interested to see in the Society's Plant Collection? If so email is at 

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